National Computer Services and Software

Computer Hardware, Programming, Networking, Software and Maintenance for your office and home.

Myself and my team have over 30 years in the computer software, technical support, database programming, website design, hardware and software installation.
I work with a team of over 50 experts offering everything computer-related for your office or home.

Office/Business and Home Office Services:

1. New and used hardware.
2. Computer installation, setup, configuration, maintenance and repair.
3. Moving computers from one location to another.
4. Networking, security, wireless, wired, installation, maintenance.
5. Email setup, Basic Email or Business Professional email with complete audit trail and deletion protection and ability to search all employee emails for specific data along with BLOCKING sensitive information outbound like credit card numbers and company data from employees.
6. Databases, custom programming, customer databases, website interface of customer data, encrypted data.
7. Business automation systems, assembly line customer barcode scanning/updating client database of current project status, inventory control systems, shipping software solutions.
8. PC troubleshooting, virus removals, slow computer?, hard drive checking and upgrades, multiple monitor setups, home and office networking.
9. We can easily connect remotely to users computers to fix most issues right where they are located without on-site service charges.
10. Maintenance, on-call emergency service 24 hours or a few hours a week or month of maintenance, security audit checks, replace worn hardware, clean fans etc..
11. Backups, Users PC backups (in the background), Office computer backups, version tracking of documents so you can pick an older document to restore.
12. Document storage systems.
13. Computer System and PC Consulting on new and used hardware/software
14. Work-at-home user PC setup new PC, security, anti-virus, anti-malware, virus removal, troubleshooting, repairs, maintenance.
15. Phone System Programming, Custom phone numbers, phone trees and voice mails, inbound and outbound call recording systems, text message on VIP clients, group calling, group texting, many options
16. Telephone call transcription services (automated and human transcribed), Telephone translation services of recordings Spanish-to-English and other languages
17. Computer training, software and hardware.
18. Computer Programming to give customers quick access to status updates of their orders, project updates, storing timecard information from contract workers, anything you can think of that you want to use computers to automate or make more efficient.
19. Complete multimedia production for websites, online video infomercials, voiceovers, client testimonials, video and audio multimedia production and commercials.
20. If we don't have someone available to fix what you need, we can refer you out to other vendors who can help.
21. Cyber-Security Services.
22. Detailed backup and recovery solutions.

General Rates

FREE phone consultation (up to 15 minutes generally), subject to availability. Regular business hours $80/hour (depending on the project) Business contracts and other terms available.
After regular business hours starting at $100/hour
On-Site service call ($25.00 within 15 miles)
Remote connection support for most computers (no on site charges apply)
Custom database programming and custom software (varies based on project)

Brian Harrell 612-260-4150 (text or call)